Unhappy with an appraisal?

As a RealtorĀ® you depend on accurate appraisals for your buyers and sellers. But what do you do if you think an appraisal is wrong? You can’t hire another appraiser – but you can dispute it. We can help.

Disputing an appraisal isn’t easy

You cannot tell the lender you believe an appraisal is wrong – you’ve got to prove it. This means researching comps, checking tax records and verifying every line item on an appraisal, then writing it all up in a format that presents your case in a credible and compelling manner.

How we can help

We’ll take the time to go over every aspect of the lender’s appraisal line-by-line, note any discrepancies, then give you back a report you can send to the lender. Learn more.